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About Lone Piñon

For the past five years, we've been blessed with the opportunity to make traditional music for Northern New Mexico.  We started by learning and playing the old norteño violin tunes whenever and wherever we could for our own enjoyment, without much of an idea in mind of where it might lead; but it quickly took shape, and became something much more than we expected, because of the response we got from the people who listened.  The trajectory of Lone Piñon has been a collaborative creation, a path created with each person who saw the value of the music that we're working for.  Now we've created three studio albums (the fourth, dedicated to Northern New Mexico traditions, is in production and planned for release in 2019), performed across the country, and represented our region at the Library of Congress in Washington DC.  Lone Piñon has become the center of our work and our full-time profession.  This is the result of a whole community who has seen the value in this music and shown us that in their support.

These musical traditions have been with us for centuries of cultural changes.  They keep transforming and adapting, but there's a line of continuity, when you hear a band break out in an old polka, that connects our ears all the way back to the tune's origins and to everything in-between.  Most of the conditions that helped these traditions to flourish for generations have disappeared since the changes we've seen since our grandparents' time... but since we started this project we've seen that if the tunes are given a chance and re-introduced, they play out a role of their own, one we didn't envision:  they start to re-create the systems of support they need to survive and thrive again.

Patreon organizes people who care about this music and would like to contribute financially to the vision of Lone Piñon.  You sign up for a monthly, recurring donation, which we'll use to help offset the expenses we incur as musicians dedicated to an experience that defies the economics of commercial music.  In return for joining our community in this way, we'll create videos each month to share the music that what we've been able to work on as a result of this support, as well as sharing different rewards at different tiers.  No amount is too small; even $1/month will go towards the cause.  (Patreon works by direct deposit that you can cancel whenever you like). 

If you would like to be a part of this experiment, your involvement is welcome.  We're thankful for all the ways our community supports us: those who come dance, listen, buy a CD, hire us to play for a celebration.  We've always got visions in the works so please reach out if you'd like to sponsor a particular learning mission in New Mexico, Texas, or Mexico, help cover the expenses of a community baile in Northern New Mexico, or chip in for travel costs to help this music be heard outside of the Southwest.

It's an honor to learn and play this music, and to see that our community has the power to breathe new life into it. We think these sounds can and should be alive in our generation, a part of the cultural landscape of New Mexico and the world like they have been for centuries.

Thanks for being a part of the revitalization of traditional music these past five years and for the road ahead.
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When we reach $2000 a month, we'll start a podcast series that explores the cultural context and interconnections of the music we're working on, guiding the listeners through a series of recordings to share our understanding of what makes it so sick.
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