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About FoodpersonLongplays

What is a Longplay?

According to Wikipeida, "a longplay is a play-through of a video game, created with the intent of completing it as fully as possible, mainly for the purposes of nostalgia, preservation, and possibly as a walkthrough." While that may seem like a perfectly fine defninition at first glance, I feel that it doesn't do the nomenclature quite enough service.

For one, it fails to mention that a longplay video, in and of itself, should be contained in only one long video, or at the very least in as few segmented (though still lengthy) videos as possible. And for another, because I feel this definition is incomplete, it allows mediocre channels like "World of Longplays" to thrive, which for reference, pumps out videos that are, at best, glorifed "Let's Plays". Not to mention, most of the time, World of Longplay's videos don't even come close to 100% completion depending on the game's genre.

Why Watch FoodpersonLongplays?

Because my longplays are actually longplays, not glorified Let's Plays with no commentary. Because my video fidelity is top-notch in every one. Because I am transparent about how many long videos it will take to complete a game, even if I don't always get around to completing it.

At least you know one guy is doing it all by himself, and not a conglomerate of disparate YouTubers throwing their crap on a wall.

Also, I like to think that, even going into the year 2019, people really seem to like binge watching. That very much includes video games. While I started FoodpersonLongplays only about recently, I really started the whole longplay deal almost a decade ago. Of course, those videos are long gone, but since then I have improved my recording setup and techniques, and I am capable of delivering some of the most complete, entertaining video game longplays with the highest bitrates (at 1080p) that YouTube can allow, and I'm not even forcing you to pay for high-bitrate videos like another channel that rhymes with "Pigi-tail Doundry"!

But Why Should I Support FoodpersonLongplays on Patreon?
Why not? Perhaps you want to help me pay for a 4K-capable recorder so that I can capture Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro footage at that resolution. Perhaps you want me to use your donation to push my channel more. Or perhaps you just want to help a guy out! Either way, I'm not making money on this channel....yet. YouTube won't even think to allow ad revenue to flow to my channel until I've reached 1000 subscribers and amassed a certain number of minutes viewed, but in the meantime, I'm only really asking for your support if you choose to support me. I won't make any promises to deliver on content that I may or may not be able to get to......unless, I don't know, you're being really nice to me about it, I guess. I'm not shilling Pateron. I'm not even going to quit my day job! But every bit(coin) helps, and I appreciate every minute viewed, every subscriber earned, and any time I can become just a little more relevant than the conglomerate competition!

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