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About Loopy Longplays

Thank you for checking out my patreon page.

My name is Loopy, and I am the leader/founder of Loopy Longplays, I am also involved with all of the videos you watch. Playing games has been a passion of mine since elementary school. This channel has been a great source for me to actually be able to beat games as well as share the experience with others.

So where my donation money going Mr. Loopy?

This is something that took awhile for me to decide because I wanted people to feel like there money was doing more than just being used for my personal well being. All your donation money will go towards buying new games, or towards buying consoles. When I say new I mean used/old games for the gamecube, ps2, xbox, wii, xbox 360, and ps3. 

$1 of $300 per month
This may seem like a stretch goal and it kind of is, but if I'm able to get this per month then I can for sure pump out more longplays videos a week. At the moment it's minimum 3, but I want to be able to do 4-5 a week. Eh one can dream right ;)
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