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As a patron, your funding helps to make sure I can keep streaming, and as such is deeply appreciated.

As a thank you, you obtain access to my private Discord server, whose access is limited to fellow Patrons, Twitch subscribers and friends of the stream.
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Hello, I go by Loracia and I run a gaming stream over on Twitch, where I play new and classic games for roughly 12-15 hours most weeks.

Fans of the stream should by no means feel obligated to give me money, as watching and following are both incredibly helpful on their own. Having said that, all contributions are extremely appreciated as they do help with streaming not being completely irresponsible.

This is especially the case right now as this is only live so that I can get the classic rate if I ever do get to a not tiny status.
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This will be the point where patrons can vote for a game from my existing list of planned games as they come up.
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