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About Lord Cylarne

Dear Patreon visitor,

Do you like the Ultimate Apocalypse mod? Well then hi, I'm Lord Cylarne, I created that!

I also create and develop mods, video games, and youtube videos. If you like my work so far, then come aboard the hype train! You will get neat rewards on the side and be thanked for your wonderful support!

Your help and support will be put to extremely goodly good use towards all future projects in development! And if that sounds fun, you get to be god. I'm creating a super duper secret video game being developed as the main long term goal. The aid can help "make or break" the future I have planned on delivering - will you join me in my quest on Patreon?

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I am not in any way, shape, or form for "paid mods". This account is meant as an option to viewers to show additional support and is in no way "selling" anything. Patreon rewards can only be given the month after (per creation payment) as people have taken rewards and not paid, sorry for this inconvenience guys.

$224 of $1,000 per creation
Situation: AWESOME

  • This goal will probably not be met, but if it does, full time job employment hoorah!
  • Cylarne 2.0 :D :D :D
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