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Hello - I'm Anreé, I'm a writer I mainly write fiction, with a little bit of crime and stuff like that. 

I don't have much time writing because of studying and other everyday things, and the ideas stack up in my head faster than Usain Bolt can run! 
The book that I'm working on at the moment, my first book, Athease - The Awakening of Light, that I'm going to publish on iBooks for the start, is a book about Dark Vs. Light, good Vs. evil kinda thing. Here's the blurb:

On his fifteenth birthday, Zhanda Lloyd is shown the greatest secret of all time, almost gets beaten to death and is faced with an impossible challenge that shall change the face of Athease forever. To add to that, if the Darkclan regain rule over Enayvia the worlds shall burn!

I also need someone to create/edit front covers for my books a digital art designer, to get it touch email me at:
[email protected] 

I've got a youtube chanal subscribe if you like (I don't think there'll be anything 'cause I don't have a camera.)

I also want to say thanks to all my fans and patrons.

Hope you like my books!!! 

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$100 will allow me to get a camera for videos.
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