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The Lords of Grantham spent the first two years of their existence breaking down Downton Abbey as thoroughly as possible. Every episode, the movie, wine, gin, not to mention the real life house the show is based upon. But instead of draining the well dry, lifelong friends Dave Winchell and Corey McNair decided to switch things up in their third year and take on the Netflix original The Crown.  The ultimate fish out of water, Dave and Corey are more comfortable watching WWE, The Simpsons, and The Fast & Furious series than they are weaving the social and political scene of the British monarchy. Join the LoG here to see more expansive and diverse content every month!
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$30 a month will keep our podcast thriving. While we're truly doing this out of love for the show and our fans, it costs us a few bucks a month to keep this train rolling. Audio equipment, online storage space, and random Downton Abbey odds and ends aren't free! 

If we hit our monthly goal we will give all of our patrons a monthly Q&A podcast! Everyone contributing will have their voices heard and questions answered!
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