Loreleï Si

is creating the webcomic Falkyon and various illustrations
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About Loreleï Si

Hello, I'm Loreleï Si or Lorès. I'm a 2D Artist and Illustrator.
You can check my portfolio here!
I used to make indie games and now I'm making a webcomic. 
I also used to make daily landscape sketches, now I don't do them daily but I keep making some from time to time. 
I'm making a webcomic called Falkyon about a young girl with horns in a world where horned people are seen as a bad omen. I post thumbnails and roughs here for patrons, along with a chapter in early access.

I also draw various other illustrations : 

$3 Tiers Patrons have early access to two chapters before the rest of the Internet. I'll make a monthly illustration and the topic will be decided by all Patrons via comments and polls. For $15 Patrons, you'll get a postcard with the monthly illustration.

5% complete
I'll start the monthly illustration from there!
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