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I started writing Lorem Ipsum in 2015 as a way of cohering conversations about pretty lifestyle stuff with narratives about the important things that give rise to trends in the first place. Why do we need to listen to Cardi B? What’s with all the doughnuts? Sorry-- ‘raw water’? I threw it all into a newsletter, with the intention of creating a direct relationship between me and whoever was reading.

Guess what: it worked. Publishing Lorem Ipsum three times a week for the last three years, I get notes from readers EVERY DAY weighing in on the week’s issues and offering suggestions on new reading and listening. Those exchanges are the best, and they often inform what I write about next. Here’s the thing, though: I don’t want those conversations to be confined to email, and I don’t want them to end at me. You guys are super interesting, enterprising, and fun, and you ought to be able to communicate with each other-- if our one-to-one notes are so great, imagine the fun we’d have as a group.

With that in mind, I’m introducing a Lorem Ipsum membership club, where a monthly subscription invites you into an actual Lorem community, hosted (by me) on Slack. Over there, we’ll be able to shoot the shit, share stories and articles and music recs, and weigh in on whatever the day brings.

Here’s how it’s gonna work: club membership costs $5 a month. Think of it like you’re officially subscribed to Lorem, or, financially, imagine we’re having a coffee date once a month and you sprung for the turmeric latte (or were generous and got a drip for us both). And in exchange for your monthly $5, you get:

-Status. You’re on the inner circle here, and I’m listening to what you say. If you’re having a thought about something, say so, and maybe you’ll see it covered in Lorem.
-Access to a sweet circle of people. No surprise, Lorem people are cool-- all over media, brands, art, etc. I seriously can’t wait for you to meet each other.
-The moral halo effect of directly supporting something you consume. 
-Maybe some other nice stuff from partners. We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

In sum, you’re great, I’m glad you’re here, and I want to see more of you. Join. The. Club.


P.S. A few notes on $$:
  1. Patreon allows you to contribute whatever amount you want, on a recurring, monthly basis. You are most welcome to contribute under-- or over-- $5 per month in the name of support. Monthly contributors of $5+ will be invited to the Slack channel.
  2. If $5/month isn’t sustainable for you and you want to be in the Slack channel, shoot me a note and let’s talk.
  3. No obligation to join the Slack group if you support. Just an invitation.
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Your $5+ subscription to Lorem Ipsum brings you into the fold-- you'll be invited to the Lorem Club slack channel, where we can talk about new tunes, botched corp comms, or whatever's going down that day. This will be fun.

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