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About Loren Wheeler

Hello, and welcome to my Patreon page~

I'm an artist making music, videos, photos, and other visual art.

Creative Goals for 2019:
•Record my next album of original music
•Release two music videos

With the help of patrons like you, I would love to continue developing and sharing my art. Growing this portal will increasingly enable me to take on projects with a larger scope and also collaborate with other artists.

-You decide how much support you would like to offer per month, choose a tier (or not), and that amount is paid to me monthly!
•Different tiers come with different benefits

VISIONS of the FUTURE: potential projects that funds from Patreon would help me to realize:
• Short-format, documentary-style films and profiles of people, places, and experiences
• music videos featuring artistic collaborators in dance, film, visual art, and other mediums
• tutorial/teaching videos on the voice, and the vocal-practice-healing-journey I have been on since I was 4 years old
• Written materials, including supportive and affirming children's books featuring the work of beloved visual artists and friends
Albums of instrumental, vocal, improvisational, heart-and-soul-sourced music
• Forming of a band for performing the music I create.

Thank you for trusting me, thank you for being involved, for being a part of this collaborative process which very much includes you and I both, together, collectively receiving and giving. I hope I can serve the energy in such a way as to birth into the world some tremendous, moving, beautiful, and true art.



If you don't know my work here are some things for you to watch/listen to:
MUSIC: http://www.lorenedwardwheeler.bandcamp.com

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•Access to Patron-only posts, updates, videos, and other eclectic content 

•Every few months i'll do a patron-only livestream Q&A and/or mini concert

•Your name on the credits of any/all creations!

Free Content
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• All my music/albums/content is free for you. Links to new content will be accessible through posts on Patreon.

• I'll follow you/connect on facebook so we can grow this community ever deeper

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Original Art
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Thank you for your generous support!

•When new physical art becomes available or created (usually coinciding with an official release of music), i'll send you a print in the mail

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One-on-One Video Session
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• Every few months we'll schedule a one-on-one video conversation, designed and structured by you and I. This can be a music lesson, a counseling session, whatever we come up with.

Timing will be generally coinciding with releases, roughly every other month

+ All above rewards

6 of 20 patrons
When I reach 20 patrons, I'll record another piano album and my Patrons will have first access!
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