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Thank you so much for supporting my creative journey. As I explore the world, and the world of human ideas, I create passionate paintings, photographs, poems, stories about art, and a journal of literature inspired by art, The Ekphrastic Review.

What a long, strange trip it's been: I've made hundreds of works of visual art and have exhibited in hundreds of shows. I'm at home in Toronto, Canada, but have recently created art and had shows in Tunisia, North Africa, and Mexico, and it is my intention to continue to expand internationally. Thank you for helping me with the expenses inherent in going further afield! 

I studied for and received a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Journalism, but most of my writing has been creative, about art and artists, about wine, about travel. I've written a lot of poetry, too, including four books. My writing has appeared in at least 200 publications.

In 2015, I couldn't find many outlets that supported poetry and prose inspired by visual art, and I began The Ekphrastic Review. I have had the privilege of publishing some of the best poets writing today as well as new voices, and showing how contemplation of visual art can enrich our writing.
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My goals this year are to expand my audience further abroad and enrich my artwork and photography by travelling, to begin a Youtube series talking about painting, to develop The Ekphrastic Review, and to finish the two books I'm working on- one poetry, and one, a series of writing about Mexico. I can do all these things this year with as little as 500$ a month, and will expand my goals as soon as I reach this!
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