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About Lori Crever

I am a Minneapolis-based presenter, improvisor, and poet. I previously lived in New York City, where I worked in the music industry. One of my jobs was being an assistant to a jazz group. While in the quartet’s employ, an unexpected creative channel opened up. Twenty years and three-thousand poems later, I decided to open a Patreon site and “do something” with these varied original works. Pieces I create are built to move, entertain, and emotionally lift; provide humor, or bring forward a bit of truth in such a way that I hope causes you to reflect: I could have said that – and I am so glad someone did.
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When I reach $200 per month, I'll take my e-poster series, begin printing and marketing them as regular-size posters. These each feature a short, fun poem (short enough to be called an aphorism) set on a stunning, gorgeous piece of color photography. [An aphorism is a terse saying, expressing a general truth, principle, or observation in a memorable way. (Greek aphorismos, delimitation)]
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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