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About Lori Ivey

Life is a beautiful spectrum of creating and evolving. The ability to learn how to use internal thought patterns to manifest and enhance mental performance opens a spectrum of expanded intuitive healing.

I work with a variety of clients: couples, groups, High Level executives, CEOs, entrepreneurs, healers, and individuals looking to expend their minds and open the channel of manifesting in an aligned manner. My passion involves opening that channel of higher consciousness, and unlocking potential to create personal realities.

Additional services offered evolve around energy alignment work, activating and aligning energy chakra fields to expand the level of awareness and when channelling consciousness. My specialties and unique abilities include reprogramming the neuro circuitry of thought processes, activating the subconscious mind to receive higher intuitive flows of individual and business energy, offering mental, emotional and empowering support to activate others to higher levels of conscious awareness.

•Neuro-Strategist (Thought process alignment)
•Business Intuitive
•Intuitive Channeller
•Energy Alignment Activator (Chakra fields.....Light Language Channeller)
• Business Performance Enhancement
•Amplify Manifestations
•Transformational Coach
•Self Empowerment Activator
$0 of $1,997 per month
My vision is to become a certified DNA Activator practitioner to assist others within the healing spectrum of activated consciousness and to continue to make videos in this spectrum. The course cost is $1997 and includes:

  • Absolute DNA Ascension Blockage Removal Harmonic Resonance Code
  • Incarnate Identity Harmonization DNA Activation Harmonic Resonance Code
  • Soul Identity Ascension DNA Activation Harmonic Resonance Code
  • Over-Soul DNA Ascending Activation Harmonic Resonance Code
  • Avatar 12D Consciousness DNA Activation Harmonic Resonance Code
  • 4 Live Training Sessions and Recordings
  • PDF With The Complete Activation Protocol
  • Activate The Codes On Yourself and Other People
  • Diploma of Certification
I am humbled and grateful for the opportunity to work with others in an upgraded manner. Thank you all so much for your connection and supporting my dream as a healer.
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