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The I Just Love You So Much Reward

I will be forever indebted to you and your next of kin. You will be in my next dream, where I'm gonna give you a salmon and run away from the Disney characters that are chasing me.

Plus, you get to participate in the monthly poll to choose the theme of next month's story! Come help us make amazing stories :)
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The I Am In Charge Of This Thing Reward

Not only you get to participate on the monthly poll, but you also get to send in a keyword suggestion that will appear in the poll! You get to decide my fate, if you think about it. And as the poet once said: with great power comes great responsibility.
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The Immersive Experience That's Really Worth It Reward 

I will name a character after you or someone you love! And it will be one kickass character, none of that supporting role nonsense.
I'll get in touch privately and talk to you about not only the name, but also the characteristics you (or whomever you'd like me to write about) have. It's a cameo that goes beyond the name!

You also get get the rewards of the first two tiers, so you get to participate regularly of the story creation!




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About Laura Prado

It's fantastic when you get a book and simply cannot put it down before you finish, or before your house is completely engulfed by flames because you paid too much attention to the book to realize your house was on fire.

This type of experience is what makes me want to be a writer, but I draw the line on people actually letting their houses burn. Burning a cake is fine.

But I need readers. Writing stories is great, but knowing someone actually read them and was moved by it in some way is even better. So here I am, and that's where you come in. I want you to be a reader.

Ok, I was lying. I don't want readers. I wanna call you experimental subjects. Do you like that?

I want people who not only will read the stories, but will help mold them. I want to get feedback from people on what they'd like to read about, and build on top of that.

So what happens? Every month I'll send out a poll with possible storylines and you'll get to decide which one will be developed for that month. If yours is not the winner, don't worry, as it can always come back next month. And depending on how much you're pledging, you might get to suggest keywords I'll turn into storylines for our poll.

If you decide to become a patron of my work, you'll receive at least one short story per month, but usually more than that. You might get more, you might get a drawing, or a picture of a cat, anything could happen. Just want to keep you guessing. I would never want our relationship to become stale, you know? I love you too much.

I do give most of my stories away for free. I think everyone should be able to read them and enjoy a little mental adventure, regardless of anything else. So what I'm offering here is a bit more than just the reading experience.

5 Ways You Can Participate

1 - Read!

Yes, read the stories. Have fun with them, cry with them, let them take you to another galaxy or a nearby store where people are protesting against the rising cost of cookies.
And after you've read, share them with your friends, help them discover it!

2 - Help decide what's being produced!

All patrons can help decide next month's story theme. There are too many ideas in my head and sometimes it may be hard to decide what people are interested in reading. So, if you're contributing to this project, you get a say on how it goes. I'll provide you with a bunch of storylines (or sometimes just keywords, to keep you extremely confused and interested), and you'll have the opportunity to choose your favorite.

3 - Be part of a story!

If you're contributing at a certain level, you get to be part (or have someone you love be part) of one of the stories. It won't just be a name on it, but a real character that interacts with other people and has characteristics similar to yours.

4 - Have your own story written by me!

Maybe something really awesome happened to you, but you don't know how to put it in words. Maybe you have a hilarious idea for a short story, but don't have the patience. Maybe you just ran out of ideas for a Valentine's day gift. Whatever the case may be, if you contribute at a certain level, you'll get a short story written about anything you may wish (I draw the line at some places, though, but you can read more about it in the reward boxes below), in my style of writing.

5 - Get some cool stuff

This one is still under production. Soon you'll be able to get some really nice gear that I'm designing. Can't talk much about it now, it's still in an early stage.

About me

My name is Laura. I am old. Older than Time itself. I've seen things that would make your blood curdle. I've been places not even Life itself has gone. I've assembled Lego structures that resemble Kim Kardashian's head.

I'm originally from São Paulo, Brazil, where I grew up reading anything I could get my hands on, be it books, newspapers, dictionaries or medicine information leaflets. I started my professional life as a journalist and then evolved into a technology-thingy type of worker. I worked at Google for eight years, doing various things I never thought I would. And then, like that, one day I woke up and realized it was about time I accepted that what I really wanted to do was write. So I put a mortgage on my cats and started a sabbatical year.

I'm now living in Dublin, Ireland, and working hard to create as much as I can, making people laugh and smile and cry. I know it's mean to make a living out of people crying, but hey, you take what you can get.

Besides being a journalist by trade, I'm also a singer and creative writing teacher. I've also taken too many creative writing classes where I've got lots of praise for my creativity and voice. But since my landlord decided not to accept praises as payment, here I am.

My first full-length novel is due out in the end of March, and I hope to make that available to patrons as well. For now, please enjoy a complimentary piece of flash fiction and a glass of Chardonnay. Please help yourself to the Chardonnay in your own fridge.
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If I reach $50 in funding, the next short story will have a cat as the main character. I know people love cats, come on, you can make this happen!
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