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Glad you're here. With your support I'll hope to boost the quality and quantity of my artwork, such as cartoons, illustrations, paintings and the "Hey Ray!"-project.  With growing support I could spend more time on all of this, which would be nice. Thank you!




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About Lou Stinger

Hi. I'm Harry. 
I'm illustrating, painting, drawing and designing under the pseudonym of Lou Stinger. Among different artwork and cartoons, I'm exploring the universe of my comic project "Hey-Ray". With your help I could invest more time and money in my little weird stories.
illustration / graphic design / art

Hey who? 
Hey Ray!
In a time long after mankind, radioactive rats took over the biggest shopping mall ever built - Trendworld! One of them is Ray, who's living with his pet-flatmate Kooky, a talkative cockroach with super powers.
Well... sounds like fun for the whole family, are you in?

> all artwork shown under copyright of Lou
c 2018
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After pulverising the 1$ barrier, let's move ahead. After reaching a goal, I'll randomly select a patron to integrate into a cartoon or the Hey Ray! universe.
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