Rod Love Schichtel

is creating love expressed in multi media.
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About Rod Love Schichtel

I'm EXCITED that you're here! and very grateful for your interest. My name is Rod, and I sign my artwork "Love 3" (Love "cubed") because I use my varied artistic creations to express Love in the world. I paint, write and sing songs, design and create beautiful gemstone jewelry, make greeting cards, design t-shirts and bumper stickers, all for the purpose of being an uplifting influence in the world. My heart is open with love for all the world. This love inspires me to create. I love the life I am living, and can only imagine expanding my creative freedom and altruistic endeavors. I LOVE using my artwork to raise funds for charitable causes! I'm really stepping into and living my full creative potential. This is why I am here.
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I am now open to receiving abundant income which allows me to imagine ever more impactful creations. Being able to create large scale inspirational installations. The ability to bring my creations to the world and engage in a variety of charitable and humanitarian projects. Now that I have the ability, imagination and resources to do anything, what will I create next?
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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