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  • access to early versions of tools and products;
  • previews of certain essays;
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About Faruk Ateş

An evolving lexicon of love

Love First helps you become more fluent in the language of love, enriching your everyday life and relationships through simple principles and practices.
Think of your love as a diamond in the rough: the more fluent your vocabulary, the more polished facets your love has, and the more crystal-clear your light shines through it.
That light represents your authentic self, your creativity and confidence. Love First aims to help you unearth all your best qualities, because the Beatles had it right: all you need is love.
They just didn’t give us the lexicon to speak it.

What this Patreon is about

This Patreon is to help fund the ongoing research, development, and creation of the Love First lexicon, personal development framework, and tools. Really, any and all associated efforts, which includes a wide variety of activities:
  • creating interactive tools to help you:
    • set goals for yourself, tie those goals to necessary skills, and document your growth and progress in those skills;
    • identify what’s holding you back in your life, and create a better story to empower yourself with moving forward;
    • speak the same love languages as the people most important to you;
    • develop better, more conscious relationships with partners, family, friends, and coworkers;
    • …and more!
  • live tweeting events, movies, and media binges related to Love First
  • a podcast 
  • producing the blog and the Made With Love, First series of essays that catalog people's work that moves the needle forward for the human race.

What you get as a Patron

By supporting the Love First Patreon, even for just $4 per month, you’ll get:
  • access to early versions of tools and products;
  • previews of certain essays;
  • development updates;
  • Credits! And not just in the “your name shows up places” sense, but every $4 contributed will earn you credits in the future credit system for the Love First suite of apps.
Mostly though, your contribution helps prove there is an audience of people wanting to make a better world—a world made with love, first.
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At 100 Patrons I’ll do a quarterly Patreon community Q&A livestream.
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