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About Russ Jennnings

There are a lot of progressive Christian podcasts out there these days. I listen to them all the time. But one area that doesn't seem to be covered is "Christian Community." How do we form our communities? More importantly, WHY do we band together as a worshiping community? What God's purpose? What are our goals? So Love In A Dangerous Time (.net) is born to explore this, very broad, area. We'll be talking with church planters, intentional communities, people doing great justice work and we'll also look at the theory behind the work (ecclesiology). Not all of the guests will be Christian. We'll have Hindus, talking about nonviolence, pastors who are working on a new plan for church development, some really annoying Christians who think we should actually follow Jesus, and Radical Theologians asking us what's it all for?

As you may imagine, there are costs involved with doing a podcast. There are startup costs, registering your domain and building a website. The ongoing fees for hosting and media storage are the next thing. (Hopefully this cost will go up, as the audience grows.) And then there are the costs of actually creating the cast. Mics, mixers, software, and time. 

Your monthly contribution of anything from 5o¢ to $20 (or more) will help with the ongoing costs and the little surprises that come up all the time. I hope you find our conversations interesting, and I hope you'll join the community.

-- Russ

Photo Credit: Robert Flammia, Berkeley, CA

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$200 a month will cover the hard costs of Love In A Dangerous Time, and provide me with a small income. That's a good thing.
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