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This is Love Raptor! If you're here you probably already know a little bit about what we do: we're a funk jam band that records funk covers of (mostly) pop tunes. What you probably didn't know is how improvisational and in-the-moment everything we do is.

Our goal has always been to go in to every recording completely cold and see what kind of magic happens in the moment. We meet up, pick a song on the spot (sometimes song choice is slightly pre-meditated to benefit the singer knowing the lyrics), spend about an hour arranging and coming up with parts and then immediately start recording. The whole process takes less than three hours and by the end we have a recording we're happy with. Everything is live, spontaneous and has a wonderful energy to it because we never get the opportunity to get too comfortable with what we're doing.

This project started in August of 2018 as a way to bring my friends together for a few fun jam sessions and has now blossomed into a community of over 30 musicians that love to get together and bring you your weekly dose of funk. Now we're giving you, our listeners and patrons an opportunity to contribute to our journey and become a part of this community. In return we want to show our appreciation by offering rewards.

The question we get asked most often is "Where can I download your music?" Well... right here! At the monthly $5 donation tier you'll get access to (among other things) our music downloads section. All of the songs Love Raptor has ever released will be there in MP3 form. Every week we'll be adding new songs so you're guaranteed to get at least four funky jams per month!

Come join our community. This is just the beginning. With your support on Patreon we hope to record more music, raise our production value, create exclusive video and audio content, start playing live and most importantly spread the funk we love to play so much. We're going to have more tiers with some great rewards soon. Stay tuned and welcome to Love Raptor

-Mikhail Pivovarov
Love Raptor founder, bassist and engineer

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 20 exclusive posts
Audio releases
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 20 exclusive posts
Audio releases
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