is creating Emotional Healing, Compassion and deep spiritual Connection
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Infinite Loving Kindness for YOU
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Twice a day you are being included into the best whishes of loving kindness for half an hour. May you enjoy this meditation of healing and calmness with me or just relax in the beautiful knowing of being thought of. 
Premium: Compassion Meditation
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May all your whishes come true! 

May your life be fulfilled with love and light. 

I dedicate 30 Minutes of Compassion Meditation on a chosen weekday in my schedule specially to you. You recieve 4 Meditations per Month and you can write my about your actual challenges and concerns wich I will then integrate in the Meditiations.




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About infinitelovingkindness

 May you be happy!        
 May you be healthy!      
 May you live with ease! 

Hi, my name is Valerian from Europe and I'm in Yoga and Meditation for 10 Years. I dedicate intense Loving Kindness Meditiation to all my Patrons twice a day (in the morning and in the evening and for 30 Minutes).

My goal is to build up a global mindfulness shift by creating a shared Vision. 
Join me with only as mouch as 1$ a Month!

Premium Patrons recieve their own compassion meditation slot on a chosen weekday for 30 Minutes four times a Month. I offer 3 Slots per day (9:00 / 12:00 / 17:00 all GMT+2) so the first set of Patrons are limited to 21. More slots are offered subsequently as the Patrons increase, so I have a chance to dedicate more time to you all. 

You may contact me in advance and tell me about your concern or actual situation. I will give no advice but take your special needs and situation in consideration for the compassion and loving kindness I then offer to you.
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21 patrons means you love my offer and be lovely to spend a half day of compassion meditation exclusively for and with you. 1 x 4 Hours.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
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