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You may join in games while streaming!!! And join in our pathfinder games!!!
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You have now upgraded and for that you get merch, movie nights, and to get to hang with us more often!!! Thank you so much guys!!!
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The LEG Super Supporter is for people who love our channel! Well let's be honest we love you too and that's is why we will add you personally on steam and play game's and chill with you guys!!! Plus you'll get free merch just for becoming a super supporter!!! THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!! PS THANK YOU GALLS TOO!!!
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About Low Economic Gaming

We are a group of individual's trying to make video's for fun! We would love to make it our job but atm it's just a hobby we all enjoy! All the donations and support will go towards better equipment and more games for the channel! Thank you guys so much!
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This will go towards our first pc for streaming and recording in HD instead of 720p. LOOKING FORWARD TO IT GUYS!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
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