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Come and join our private facebook group (if you're not on FB, I highly recommend creating an alias name so no one you know finds you / friend requests you and you can secretly be in our group. It's worth it) and be a part of it all...

✔Access to the group

✔20% off all low tox e courses once you're a pledged member

✔Mini group challenges where we hack various aspects of leading a low tox life - 5 cups of greens for 7 days, DIY/Mending challenge, exercise daily for 7 days and more - they're fun and optional so you can jump in and out of them when one does or doesn't interest you. 

✔Deep dive podcast chats

✔Book Club - Read books, get exclusive author / expert interviews. 

✔Practitioner thread: Every Tuesday ask your questions and Steph our naturopath will help you figure out a sound course of action with your practitioner / questions to ask them / tests to suggest / safety around supplements and more. 

✔Inspiration and learning from each other. 

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Come and join our private facebook group and get all the benefits above as well as special brand discounts from time to time and a quarterly group coaching call with Alexx which you'll see the link shared with you here end of March! Thank you for pledging so generously to be a part of the club. A dollar from your monthly pledge goes towards projects that need our support - whether they're about drought relief, regenerative agriculture or ocean clean ups, it's important to me that we start how we wish to continue - with a giving spirit, no matter how small it is to start with x



About Low Tox Life

Hello! I'm Alexx Stuart, founder of the Low Tox Life. I'm so excited that you've come to join the Low Tox Club. We've got rather uplifting plans for it as it grows but it's already a wonderful place to be. Just a little note first, that the payments on Patreon are in USD.  

The Low Tox Life is not just about what you'd call conventionally defined 'toxins' but about minimising all hindrances en route to a truly thriving life. In the club, we cover all the pillars of leading a low tox life - food, body, home, mind, planet, kids... When it comes to food I believe there's no one way other than the wholefoods ethical and regenerative way, so we're not a food 'label' in our food topics. When it comes to the whole low tox philosophy we're not 'zero' anything because the world isn't black and white, right? You walk past a car or something gets delivered and there's plastic. You can't win every battle and always be in control so I say we do what we do MOST of the time, to be ok with going with the flow some of the time - except throwing plastic in the ocean. Definitely do NOT 'go with the flow' there! You catch my drift on the balance front about the rest though hopefully.

What we ARE is passionate about inspiring, practical conversations to move you forward in your health and our beautiful planet's health. We do that in the form of every day chat, a book club with exclusive club-only author interviews, a practitioner thread so you can get good practitioner-qualified support to workshop any issues you're experiencing, podcast deep dive chats, mini group challenges and more. Thanks for joining me here as the podcast has inspired the creation of the low tox CLUB. Your monthly pledge keeps the podcast running and our little team supporting your goals. The more club members that join, the better everything gets, so thanks for joining me. I'm excited. It's a beautiful group full of positive energy and I know you'll love it. You don't have to have done one of our courses to join - in fact, joining the club means you get 25% off all courses all year round! You'l get your code once you pledge. I look forward to seeing you in the Facebook group, Alexx x

p.s If you aren't on facebook, don't worry, just create a bizarre alias so no one you know will try and friend you, and just use it for the group or any courses you take - works a treat! x
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Yay, when we reach 250 patrons we'll be at break-even for the podcast costs. Wahoo! That in itself means a lot - it means we can keep to 1 ad spot per week only on a brilliant offer from a lovely low tox brand, and make MORE time for the interview. Winning all round. Now... Let's start adding some access-just-for-you bonuses! x
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