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Signed 'Supporter' TF2/Dota 2 Wallpaper!

You will receive an exclusive TF2 and Dota 2 ‘Supporter’ wallpaper, signed by me as thanks, as well as access to my Patreon-only live feed where I will be sharing inside-info about what videos i'm working on, wallpaper downloads, behind-the-scenes screenshots and other downloads as they become available in the future!
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Vote in monthly polls, win prizes!

At this level you will be able to participate in my monthly polls! In short, i'll be using polls to work out what you guys want to see the most, so you'll be able to vote on things like what genre of video I should do next and which characters I should feature! Additionally, when voting in a poll you will have the option to submit your Patreon username, as I will pick a random person every month to win a special prize!

Includes all previous rewards!
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720p/1080p downloads of all my shorts!

At this level you will receive access to full 720p/1080p downloads of all my videos, including new videos as they are released. The files available will be original uncompressed videos in 1280x720 (ZombiU Crossover) or 1920x1080 (all others)- the highest quality possible!

Includes all previous rewards!




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About Lozeng3r

Thanks for checking out my Patreon page! My name is Lawrence Rippingale, known online as 'Lozeng3r', and i'm creating animated shorts in Source Filmmaker!

You can check out all my previous videos on my Youtube channel!

Animating a video can take a very long time, then there's also the lighting, cinematography, post production and sound design to think about. I typically spend 2 months working through these processes, which are all unpaid and it means I have no actual income for that period, and no way of paying my rent and bills.

In the past, this has meant i've had to take on Graphic Design work to cover living costs, leaving me very little time to animate, but with your help, i'll be able to spend less time working to pay bills and more time actually animating, which means more videos for everyone!

Just thanking you for your support isn't enough for me- I want to be able to give you something extra to show my appreciation. Everyone that backs me at $1 or more will instantly receive the 'Supporter' wallpapers/digital posters for TF2 and Dota 2 below, signed by me.


The more generous the pledge, the more rewards you will receive!

- At the $3 level you will be able to participate in polls set up by me every month! Vote to decide what I should work on next and which characters I should focus on!

- At the $5 level you will receive access to 720p/1080p downloads of all my shorts- the highest quality available! (Includes all previous rewards)

- At the $10 level you will receive stylized digital posters of your favorite TF2 characters or Dota 2 heroes! (Includes all previous rewards)

- At the $25 level you will be able to download the actual .DMX project files for all of my shorts, perfect for anyone wanting to learn SFM! (Includes all previous rewards)

- At the $50 level I will add you on Steam, so feel free to chat or drop into a game of TF2 with me sometime! (Includes all previous rewards)

- At the $75 level I will include your name in the credits of all my new videos, thanking you personally for your truly generous support! (Includes all previous rewards)

If it isn't already clear, all these rewards stack, meaning if you pledge at the $25 level for example, you will receive all the rewards from the $10, $5 and $3 levels below that as well!
$203 of $250 per Video
This is the absolute minimum amount i'd need to reach to be able to make new videos on a full-time basis. Achieving this milestone would be fantastic, and anything above this level would allow me to make even more, better content!
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