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"Who are you and what is Let's Talk About Stuff?"

my name is Sarah Zedig, and LTAS is a show where i look at stuff, then talk about that stuff in a video essay. sometimes it's movies, sometimes it's abstract political concepts. the title is vague because i am eternally noncommittal.

"Why video essays?"
youtube is the only medium that permits the radical intersection of media criticism and artful filmmaking that is, generally speaking, "my thing." i like that one week i can do a vlog about the Spider-Verse movie as a comic book adaptation, and then the next week do a fifty minute psychodramatic exegesis on the nature of transition:

"What's the podcast?"
it is called Trans Questioning. it started as a diary of my coming-out process, trying to figure out whether i was transgender and what that meant for me. to spoil the arc of the first ten episodes, i am transgender and i am transitioning. these days, the podcast has morphed into a fusion of advice, interviews, and topical discussion. it is cohosted by May Leitz of Nyx Fears, and together we solve problems. probably.

it's hosted on podbean, but you can find it on all the platforms. unless you can't, in which case, let me know and i'll go kick some doors down John Wick style.

no i won't. that is a crime

"What do I get for backing you?"

every backer gets early access to videos, plus updates stuffed to the gills with the inside dope on all my latest shenanigans. there's also a thirty minute video essay that only exists patrons, as well as an extended section of my conversation with Shannon Strucci.

five dollar a month patrons get behind the scenes material. these include my research notes, my unedited scripts (padded with pages of abandoned drafts), outtakes and deleted scenes, and ~other stuff.~ in my humble opinion, this is the tier that gets you the most bang for your buck.

ten dollar a month patrons get their name read aloud in the credits of my videos, as well as the stuff from the five dollar tier. why would you want this? you'll just have to give me your money and find out for yourself.

"How do you charge for your content?"
when you pledge, you'll be charged immediately. this is because i have enough patron-exclusive stuff that someone might feasibly pledge, take in all that good content, and then leave before paying. not that you'd ever do that. you're one of the good ones, obviously.

after that, you'll be charged at the beginning of each month. i do once a month rather than per creation because my output is highly variable, while my bills are not.

"Anything else?"
i love you

wait hold on it's too soon oh no
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This pays most of my bills and removes a lot of the stress of living on a dynamic income. Less stress, of course, means more consistent content. Hurray!
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