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About Rasmus Gustavsson

The dark adventures is a game that we currently working on, and after that game we will create a multiplayer zombie surival game.

The dark adventures is made by a developer team called ltlgames, we started to make this game cause we want to bring back the old game style and the feeling and at the same time use a kind of a new style that we have never seen before.

The dark adventures will be a 2D adventure open world game, where you can explore, level up, fight monsters, Do quests and a lot of more fun.

You will even be able to play co-op multiplayer with up to 4 friends how awesome is that!.

The story-line in-game will be 400 hours of play time, side quests that are 30 hours of play time and DLC's that will add a lot of more hours of play time and weapons, gear , new worlds and a lof of more stuff!

What will we do with the money if we reach the goal?
Well if we get enough then we will promise to make co-op multiplayer function to the game, we will be able to work faster because we can take in some more coders. We will promise to at least release the game at the date we say it will be released. We will be able to do so many more things that we have been saying.

And if we getting more than the goal then we will maybe be able to get a Anti-cheat that will make it so people cant use cheats ingame in the multiplayer co-op, and we will maybe be able to make a multiplayer world that is not co-op where you can level up with other online people, quest together, kill monsters, fight eachother and so much more!

And we almost forgot to say that we will make a system so you need to create a account at our website in-need to play multiplayer - co-op.

We may add some more information very soon, we are going to add a video when we are able to and some screenshots!

$0 of $3,500 per null

This goal is for our game that we currently making "the dark adventure", which is a awesome 2 D open world game, with a story that are 400+ hours of playtime, side quests with 30 hours+ of play time and dlc's with 20+ hours of play time. We will even make this game co-op, so if you want to you can even play online with your friends. You can read more about this at the Describe page.

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