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About Luca Balatti

Hello there,

I am a YouTube content creator who creates and publishes videos about my places and my travels.

I'm constantly striving to create the very best videos experience. I truly like creating travel contents because i love seeing people inspired by my videos.

If you'll become one of my patrons, means that you really appreciate what I do on the channel.

The world of entertainment video is constantly developing and I feel that in order to offer viewers and supporters the best possible video content, I need to keep my hardware up to date and if possible to improve it, so the funds generated will be directly invested into my hardware.

If you would like to support me, to support my channel, or if you are a fan, consider sponsoring me, here on Patreon.

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Every donation help me reach my goals! I really appreciate even the smallest donation and the support that it provides allowing me to make bigger and better content.
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