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Hello there! Stevie here with Lucky Crit.

tldr: If you're hungry for more content like we make now, or have ideas you'd love to see us work on, please consider supporting us through Patreon. Please ONLY support us if you can afford to do so financially, we do not want you to jeopardize your life or living situation. We are looking forward to speaking with you a little bit closer to one on one. Thank you so much for all of your support thus far.

UPDATE (3.12.18) The previous three tiers have been combined into a single $1/month tier to unlock all rewards. Get access to everything for merely supporting us with a dollar a month. I've accepted a full-time position and want to continue giving you guys Behind-The-Scenes and other Exclusives, but I am simply not going to be able to keep it up the way it was and wasn't satisfied asking for more than $1 a month from you guys. Thank you so much, you are the best fans I could ever ask for.

Update video:

Original Patreon video:

If you're here it means you probably know a little bit about Patreon or you were at least curious enough to check out the link in one of our videos. Patreon is a platform where you can pledge to support us monthly (any amount that works for you) and you'll be able to receive special access to behind the scenes content, updates, contribute ideas, (if there are video concepts that you'd like to see us work on) and be a part of an exclusive supporter community. You don't HAVE to contribute to us in this way, just being a fan and checking out our videos is already more than we can ask for, but if you're really passionate about our work and love the content that you see here and feel that it adds value to your daily life, this is another way for you to support us. With more support from platforms like Patreon, we should be able to continue on with Lucky Crit and potentially even produce more high quality content at a steadier pace.

Why are we on Patreon?

Good question. Making videos at the quality that we strive for is time consuming and work intensive. We love making them, but it's not sustainable off of YouTube ad revenue alone, especially during this year's YouTube Adpocalypse situation (info about this here). Let's jump back in time a bit. This channel began in April 2016, and in that same month Stevie was laid off from his job. Instead of diving right back into the job market and looking for something else, he really wanted to create something of his own and spend his days working on something he could be truly passionate about. With the help of close friends, Lucky Crit was born. He then proceeded to spend most of the following year attempting to make YouTube work full-time. It's not something we'd recommend. Starting off on YouTube takes quite a while to get the ball rolling and really earn back what you're putting into it. He's now picked up a part-time job and may seek other forms of employment moving forward, and that could potentially effect the content for the time being, until a day comes where Lucky Crit earns enough to fill that void.

It's not all about the money though, as we would have produced the type of content that we wanted to see on YouTube regardless, but the dream of creating a business and brand out of Lucky Crit continues to entice and excite us. Patreon presents a way to help realize this dream, and in an even better manner than the ad revenue from YouTube. With YouTube, we earn money on our videos when advertisers slap their ads on them for viewers to see, in the hopes that people will watch them and potentially buy their products or utilize their services. With Patreon you can just support us directly and cut out the middle man trying to sell you their stuff you're probably not interested in. With time and support perhaps we can lessen these ads on our content and be more independent.

What is Lucky Crit?

The term "Lucky Crit" was derived from the hours Stevie and friends spent playing videogames like Fire Emblem and other RPGs where characters can occasionally perform critical hits. Fire Emblem, in particular, serves as a fairly exciting and interesting purveyor of this phenomenon. You may often find yourself in tight situations where your beloved characters may die, until lady luck shines upon them and provides them with a lucky crit, decimating the enemy. These emotionally exciting clutch moments are some of the best that the series can provide. Cam and Stevie thought this name would fit their brand of content (and the RPG genre in general) nicely. They came up with many show concepts like Armory, Reflex, Hit Chance, and even a podcast concept, though these are still works in progress and there is more to Lucky Crit than just these content series.

What We're About

There's a certain beauty to the feeling of nostalgia, and we seek to provide that. Born in 1992 we were a bit late to the NES and SNES party, and some of our first forays into the videogame world were with the Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance. Many of these games we grew up with are shining aspects of these consoles and videogames in general, and helped excite and inspire kids and young adults all around the world. Unfortunately though, many of these games, like Advance Wars and Golden Sun, are also now just distant memories. Today's video game market can be pretty sparse at times and doesn't always fulfill our desires as well as these old games did.

As time passes these games become closer and closer to "retro," and since everyone else concerned with "retro" is busy talking about the NES era and THIS is the era we know and love, that's what we'll focus on. We want to bring back the love and excitement for some of these older games, and potentially showcase them to a new generation of players that will enjoy them.

Of course, that's not all we'd like to do, but there's the "retro" part that we want to harken back to. Releases like Fire Emblem Echoes & other game series are exciting for us too, and we've begun developing a niche of the YouTube and internet community for our take on these games as well. Mobile games like Fire Emblem Heroes and Pokemon GO also excite us and provide us numerous ways to get out and develop more fun content as well.

Fire Emblem has been one of our all-time favorite game series, so the channel will always have a heavy focus on these games, too.

In short, it's these concepts that we're passionate about, and when you're really passionate about something, you put 110% into it (and it shows).

If you're hungry for more content like we make now, or have ideas you'd love to see us work on, please consider supporting us through Patreon. We are looking forward to speaking with you a little bit closer to one on one. Thank you so much for supporting us thus far.

$47.69 of $50 per month
Due to taking on a new job I've downscaled the Patreon and asked everyone to alter their pledges, so naturally we've fallen back below the goals we were reaching before. But that doesn't matter. Thank you so much for your continued support! Further funding from this point on will continue to influence the creation of content for the channel, and go towards equipment, hard drives, and other miscellaneous costs of producing content.

You guys are the greatest. Thank you.
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