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About Lucy Rose Media

All my funding will go towards expences, so travel and catering costs for all crew and cast involved in production, It will go to securing venues, buying props and costume etc.

I love making media. I love storytelling and creating visually stimulating work. I want to tell stories that will stay with people for the rest of their lives. Please pledge money to me so that I can keep creating content. 
All money pledged would go on expenses of making films, this includes hiring actors and paying for copyright of music, paying for software to edit my films on such as Adobe, AVID, Premiere Pro and After Effects. Costume, Make up & Props.
The cost of making films can truly be endless, I normally use money from my student loan to make films so I am stuck eating Ramen for most of the time, please pledge to a lowly student! 
$9 of $500 per Film
My goal is to be able to keep funding my content. Hopefully one day I will get noticed and get a job on a real set.

With the money that is pledged to me, I will buy newer, more up to date equipment, software and prop/costume items. 

For each video I make, I aim to raise $500.

This particular goal however is for a short film I am making called 'In All of Space'. 
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