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About Luiz Cavallini

I'm really glad you reached my page! My name is Luiz Cavallini, studying game design and I'm in love with art.
Every single way of creating art is fascinating and unique for me, so that's why I'm here. Not only am I an admirer, but also a creator. Mostly drawings and digital paintings, with a little bit of poetry (in portuguese only until now).
Anyway, I believe that sharing this love for art (and making possible creators create and admirers admire) is what brings us together in this page, so I'm really happy for us to be part of this.
Thank you for checking this out!  ^-^
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Access to more amazing work, like draining digital paintings that takes forever for my hype-filled college mind to find time to do it.
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This is the tier to see my thought processes (I have quite a few crazy ideas) and how I create and discard some aspects on the drawings. (Oh, and as a bonus some existencial or sciency thoughts may appear too as a consequence of my digressions).
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Along with all other rewards in the other tiers, this one will add the cherry on top of the metaphorical cake I can give to you. Sometimes (probably every two months) I'll give the oportunity for you (Yeah, you!) to ask some art, and I'll do my best on it, aaaand it'll be all yours. You read it right, it'll be sent to you and you only.
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When reached I'll work really hard to release a bigger drawing or painting every 2 weeks!
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