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About Lukas Holderried

Hey! Glad you're here!

Thanks for coming by! My name is Lukas and I love to create music!
You love music? Being an artist is not always easy, and to be honest, sometimes not the best way to make money. But Patreon gives us a platform to get actually paid for what we love to do most. Creating music for you guys.

This page is basically for everyone who loves music! On the one hand you are perfect here if you want to know something about the music business and actually be a part of making decisions, like choosing a mix, rating songs, talking about production and recording or just to hang out, having a good time talking about life. :)
Or on the other hand, you might be an artist or part of a band that needs help in his/her/their career. Then I can definitely help you out! I got many different options you can choose to give me the chance to help you being heard and attending you on your career.

Looking forward to our project! Thanks for supporting me,
now it's my time to give something back! Let's roll! 
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