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is creating videos, music, & instructionals covering a vast range of topics
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The easiest way to support the work I do--only $1/month.

Access to the good ol’ private Discord server where the real fun happens & everyone gets a chance to be heard & acknowledged.

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All of my Jedis have my ear when it comes to topics they want to hear about or instructionals they’d like to see made.

You are the driving & creative force to keep the content wheels turning.... aside from me.  I’m pretty much the driving force, but you guys are at least like the gasoline/hybrid charge/Flintstone-feet/whatever doesn‘t trigger you.

  - Private Discord access (fun, games, some shenanigans, copious Tom-Foolery, and snacks*)

  -  special contact email to use for communicating directly with me until I figure out AI.

  - 1 free drink coupon to spend at the office Christmas party.

  - LOYALTY BONUS ITEM — after you‘ve been a patron for 3 months, send me an email with the subject:  “it’s been 3 months, b*tch!”

(Exactly like that, but without the quotes—make sure you put the asterick and proper punctuation in there too, that’s what I’m going to make the robots look for)

*snacks not available in all discord’s.  First come, first serve.  Limit 0-1 usually.

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I really wanted to do something special for my Yoda-level patrons, but I didn’t really know what extra to provide.

So, you tell me if this would be of interest:

Once you’ve been a Yoda-level patron for 3 months, send me an email asking for VPN access & I’ll setup your own VPN account (as long as you remain a patron obviously) on a private server as well as walk you through how to configure it for your devices.

If that’s not suitable, give me a suggestion and I might be able to make it happen.  ;)

Also, you will get to participate in the monthly YouTube Rap Battle Bonanza—from insults to compliment battles!  You have the exclusive opportunity to watch and/or participate in one of the funniest and most enjoyable times you’ll have online.




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About Luke Slytalker

Modern day renaissance man, “the millennial MacGyver” some may even say.  (Some also may not say that)
The running joke is “MENSA IQ with a Polaroid memory” but if you’ve met me in person, chances are you’d get it.

Analysis & commentary
Music & comedy
Instructionals & information
The most fun you’ll have as a Patron, I guarantee!
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This allows me to invest in some better equipment—Often I buy my stuff off eBay in pieces from the “for repairs or not working” section and Frankenstein that shit back to life with some QD Contact Clear, a soldering iron, and usually a little too much swearing.
Granted, it doesn’t always work out how I planned (this is referred to as the “Antares ATR-1 incident” and it’s generally not a good idea to bring up in casual conversation)
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