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is creating Traditional, Digital, 3D and Texturing Art
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About Luke Martins

Hey! I'm a 22 year old part-time Illustrator and Video Games art student living in Southampton. I'm a big nature enthusiast, with a passion for ecology, so a lot of my portfolio consists of this. I've always been trying to raise awareness for worldwide issues in areas of Conservation and habitat loss to name a few.

I typically work in traditional 2D but am also skilled with digital art in Photoshop painting and combining the 2 different methods for artwork.
I have quite a portfolio of nature orientated artwork and currently work with fan-art and other subject matter to practice in other areas.

Now that I'm learning 3D I also produce and polish my skills in the 3D pipeline, from low poly models to very high poly renditions that i love pouring detail into for game engine projects. Its also incredibly exciting to bring my 2D skills to create concepts that I can recreate in 3D with efficient planning!

I'm constantly working on projects at the moment, mostly personal projects i'm trying to sell to support my endeavours with various illustrated series and paintings.


Also If you're not interested in supporting my patreon, but instead are interested in commissions, let me know! Contact my business email ([email protected]) or DM me on instagram @lukemartinsart

Super grateful to support as it hopefully will lead to taking this all on more professionally and expand my horizons for the future!
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