Luke Rhodes

is creating apps, websites and such.

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Hey, I'm Luke. I develop apps, websites and the systems that drive them.

Right now the majority of my time is being fed into full-time employment, working on the iOS triple j in Australia.

When I find myself in the right head-space I also work on some hobby projects. The largest of which is Parenthoods. Admittedly, it's been neglected over the past year or two however I'm excited to have started development on it again, and we're edging closer to an Android release.

As fun as the work is that I'm doing now, I'm looking forward to a time in the very near future where I'm back in the green and can afford to focus more on projects that I love!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on ideas for tier rewards, things are pretty basic right now while I put some extra thought into them! Regardless, I really do appreciate your support, thank you!
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I can actually hand in my resignation and start working on the projects I want full-time.
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