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Hi, I'm Luke WestlakeIf you're looking to go down some rabbit holes, you've come to the right place.

If you're curious. If you like to explore. Join me as I share my unique perspective. 

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You and I are alive in an incredible time in human history. We all know and feel this on a deep level, but sometimes it's difficult to articulate and flesh out. Let's explore this incredible time of connectedness among humans. And how there can be so much wealth, yet so much suffering still. All I fundamentally want to do here is talk about what I do and what I've done to "clean my room" and "sort myself out". I truly believe the way to heal the world is to heal yourself, so that's the fundamental basis of what my content will cover.

Thank you for your attention and participation. It's always more fun sharing adventures of discovery and exploration with others and I'm glad you're along for the ride.

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You'll hear me talk about freedom of speech a lot. I've been talking about decentralized markets and communication systems for a while now. Patreon is neither of those things, but these are steps along the way to a better future, and we have to operate in the systems currently in place. If you're reading this, I will bet this is something you fully understand. And thank you for that.

Now let's see what kind of adventures we can get on here. Shall we?

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Mandatory Disclaimer. None of this is medical or financial or any other advice. This is about discovery, education, and adventure. I may explain what I might do in your situation, but I'm not you, and I'm not in your situation, so don't assume what's good for me is good for you. I know this all goes without saying, but I'm saying it. Think for yourself. Be responsible for your own actions and decisions. Be accountable. Be awesome.

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