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OH my, thank you! Pledging $100 will get you an ORIGINAL signed illustration. Message me, and we'll get going on this one. Together. Forever. 




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Hello! I'm Lulu Krause, and I'm a musical comedian. I love composing original songs, creating music videos, and improvising full-length musicals on stage. Currently, I publish one music video every other month... and I would love to do even more! Through Patreon, I'll be able to produce more live shows (just like this one), more music videos, and more original musicals. As a contributor, you'll get special access to all sorts of cool features like behind-the-scenes videos and photos, project updates, Q&As, and original artwork (like this). 
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This would be TRULY MAJOR. 

With this, I'd up my cadence of original content from once every other month to ... MONTHLY. I think that sounds pretty good! Pretty, prettyyyyy good. 
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