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As a PIE that's coming straight from the over, you're too hot for human consumption! All you can really do is sit on the window sill and enjoy early access to my YouTube videos as soon as they're finished processing. I sometimes upload in large batches so this may be a nice feature to have!



About lulzPIE

Hey everyone! I want to thank you for taking an interest in supporting me and my crusade to becoming a “big time” YouTube star! My Patreon is currently under construction but feel free to leave a donation if you wish. As I gain popularity I’ll add certain tiers and benefits depending on the amount donated. 

So as of right now becoming a Patreon Subscriber will grant you access to my scheduled YouTube videos before they're released. All Patreon subscribers will be credited in my videos and on my YouTube page 'About' section. More rewards coming soon!

Thanks Again!

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