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About lunacerra

Welcome to our Patreon page.

I'm a full-time 2D Game Artist who also draws comics and illustration in my free time. 
I'm mostly... hungry, which is why you'll find anything related to food in most of my drawings. I also love reading stories and fairy tales, and sometimes I try to write some stories even though most are left unfinished. I also love playing games, traveling, reading novels in my free time.

I worked alone here, so why our page?

First, Patreon is a place where people can support and in return, get something by supporting. So this place is not only owned by me, but also from my supporters. I'm open to your suggestions and will try my best to answer to your questions.
Second, this page is also alive because of my webtoon characters and they're also a part of it :3

I started drawing my first webtoon, Butter Bloom, which you can read in Line Webtoon Discover for their 2018 contest. However, I don't plan on making Butter Bloom forever. I have plans to make another webtoon, children book, making more themed illustration in the future while maintaining a full-time job as a game artist.

By becoming my Patron, you might see stuff that I didn't post anywhere else, and I will you share my creative process.


Even if you're not pledging, you can see some updates I'm doing for my comic / artwork & the rewards I'm making by following this page!

Please note that all rewards are for personal use. You can print it to hang it in your own room, use as wallpaper etc, but you cannot make profit out of it. And please don't distribute the rewards.

Currently I'm focusing in my full-time job & Butter Bloom, but I also want to create more stuff in the future: process video, more illustration, original postcard to send to you, more fun stuff I can come up with.
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A HUGE thank you for your support<3 You get to see the raw ’Flour’ of our journey! 

Unlocked Patron only access to early announcement, votes, some WIP, etc.

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Access in 'Flour' +

WIPs & concept sketch of Butter Bloom or upcoming project!
High-res artwork of the month (.jpg & .png)
PSD file of comic page (2-3 panels)

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Ingredients need to be mixed and baked. You get everything in 'Butter' tier +
Early comic page preview of future episodes! 
Procreate process video of comic page/artwork 

PSD file of the artwork (with example of brush & texture I use)

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I will make a chapter published in Patreon!
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