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This will be the only tier.
I don't like asking for a lot so this is the only tier option I am offering. By supporting, your name (desired username) will be acknowledged on every future streams and music composition I will publish. I will aim to publish at least once a month. Supporters will get to hear future works in advanced. Your support will be greatly appreciated!




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About Ether of Sounds - Official

Making music is a hobby I deeply enjoy.
Getting to share what I have created is something I aim for.
Making people happy with what I have created is something I care about.
By supporting me here, I step closer to that goal.
Most of my works have been private and I hope to break out from being restricted to share my works to more people. I tend to write orchestral, electronic, video game or jazz music, but I do try to create some vocal tracks as well. So stay tuned if you don't see any music you like, yet!

Most of my works will be posted on Youtube (which will also be posted here for convenience!)
$16 of $500 per month
I'll make an hour long video of me saying "Thank You." Literally. 

If I can reach this point, I'll add more tiers, rewarding patrons with more exclusive and early access materials!
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