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As a shooting star, you get my starry-eyed thanks and a shout-out at the end of the next Webtoon chapter.

* Monthly high-res scans of my sketchbook and Stars Lost panels as a PDF. 

* Access to my Patreon feed for sketches as I draw the next webcomic chapters.

I'm just getting started and every little bit helps! <3 

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As a Meteor you get - on top of my thanks as mentioned for the Shooting Star category - a more in-depth access to my Patreon feed, where I'll post:  

* WIPs, concept art, sketches, and drawing videos days before they show up on any other social media platform. 

* A look at my storyboards and previews for the next chapters.

 * A 10% Coupon for my Etsy shop with space-themed printables, journaling pages, art prints, Korea inspired stickers... 

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As a Moon, orbiting my little Patreon page, you get: 

* A welcome letter in the mail with a signed postcard print and Hanbok sticker sheet, shipped during your first month as a Moon. 

* The script for Stars Lost has been written and I'll share parts of it on a limited part of my Patreon feed for a behind-the-scenes look at how I work on comics. No spoilers!

* 20% Coupon for my Etsy shop with space-themed printables, journaling pages, art prints, Korea inspired stickers...

* All the previous tiers' benefits.




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About lunarpalette

After four years of working as a freelance illustrator, this nerd is getting back into comics!

My name is Evelyne Park, I'm 28 years old, born in Switzerland and now living in Korea, and you can find me as evydraws or lunarpalette across the internet.

I've published several short stories and longer works back when I still lived in Europe (so those books are all in German, sorry!) but since moving to South Korea, I've been mostly working freelance. Fun and a good learning experience, but I miss telling stories.

My love for fantasy, storytelling, science fiction, and watercolors calls me back to drawing comics, though, and I hope that with time this Patreon can help me focus more on that!

Inspired by Korean myths, history, shamanism (I live on Jeju Island which still has its fair share), fairy tales, and a hefty dose of making-stuff-up, "Stars Lost" is a passion project that has been in planning for a couple of years now. The script is complete and now I take my sweet time painting with watercolor and hope you like the result! 

I'll use this Patreon account to show previews for upcoming episodes, concept art, WIPs, drawing videos, and hope to present you with some fun coloring pages, art raffles, and stickers as time goes by! :D

ETSYInstagram (main account for illustrations)|  Instagram for Comic ArtBlog
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Thank you so much for helping me get started!

* I'll start offering monthly downloadable content like coloring pages for those of you who'd like to get creative! 
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