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About Atrian

Hi friends,

I have a couple of different ideas that I would like to focus on. This Patreon is to support my artwork and writing.

Skullbunny Galaxy is my studio name and is based on my mascot, Skullbunny, which is a moon bunny wearing a skull mask. I plan to do more designs with my mascot along with some cute comic shorts about moon bunnies, their mythology, and adventures. 

Skullbytes is a slice-of-life webcomic set in a near-future fictional universe infused with a backdrop of cyberpunk and urban fantasy tropes. It is about a household of roommates who seem like they’ve stepped out of the fantastic but are stuck working thankless 9-to-5 jobs and trying to cope with adulting in a corporate world that simply does not care that the rules of reality have broken. Sarcasm and frustration at daily life abounds in this world filled with elves, orcs, vampires, androids, and anthropomorphic creatures just trying to get by.

I first wrote and designed this Patreon a few years ago and was not in a place to launch it. Working in tech can sometimes be not just be a full time job but a full life consuming job. Now I finally have some work-life balance, and I would like to give this the focus it requires. 

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I will make a tutorial in comic form on a topic of my choosing. It could be based on art, design, or coding. This will essentially be an extra comic just for my Patreon subscribers. If I end up with a great deal of them, then I may publish them into a book available for purchase by the public later on, but until that point, this will be a Patreon exclusive.
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