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About lunixbochs

I build freeware and open-source software to solve problems in novel ways, such as the Talon voice/eye control project, an OpenGL driver for mobile devices (glshim), Sublime plugins (ActualVimsublimelint), Go packages (strucvtclean), security and analysis tools (Unicorn Engine,, and patchkit), and much more.

I suffer from chronic hand pain and quit my job to work full-time on my (free) Talon project, which aims to give full computer use (including programming and realtime gaming!) back to people who can't use their hands, to people who want to prevent future hand pain, and to power-users who want awesome new ways to control their computer.

Thank you so much for your support in this mission.
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Bundled Speech Engine - 

When this goal is reached, Talon will be updated to include a no-cost speech recognition engine (currently available to beta tier Patreon backers).
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