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Since early 2006, the websites (and server, and other services provided on it) have been managed, enhanced, and maintained without me asking for much from my visitors. Other than a couple of generous donations in the very early years, and a short-lived run of garbage-tier advertising from the standard advertisers (popups, popunders, and horrid banners on most sites), the websites have been supported at my expense.

As it is right now, I'm just keeping the server/websites running (secure, updated, and spam free). Ads on the sites are almost nonexistent because I want to present visitors with the cleanest website, and the most enjoyable experience that I can. On top of that, the domains and the servers have gotten much more expensive over time. The ads don't cover the costs of running everything—most months the ads actually bring in no income. 

When a monthly amount of $1500 monthly is reached, the website will become a full-time project; I will add and update content daily.

At $2500 monthly, I will develop and release a completely updated site, with new and much better software. It will have a huge list of useful features and it will be able to provide much more content to the Patrons. All existing content will be made available as an archive and a torrent for download.

When this hits $3000 monthly, all Patrons get access to even more special features on the new site!

Thanks for checking out this page. Every dollar helps make the sites great!
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When a monthly amount of $1500 is reached, the website will become a full-time project; I will add and update content daily.
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