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About Felix Daniel Rotaru

My name is Felix Daniel Rotaru. I have specialized in constructing stringed instruments - violins, violas and violoncelli - in the classical italian tradition.
    300 years ago in the city of Cremona, Italy, Antonio Stradivari and Giuseppe Guarneri made instruments that today are considered the best ever produced and worth millions. Their working methods and materials have been thoroughly analysed and today there are a few craftsman in the world who construct musical instruments using the same methods of construction and working entirely by hand. I am one of them. 
   Today, less than 0.01% of the musical instruments produced are entirely handmade. Reasons like speeding up processes and cutting costs have created an industry of cheap, low quality instruments, mostly made in china have inundated the market - such instruments are nowhere near what a master craftsman can achieve. A fine, handmade musical instrument requires hundreds of hours of work, finest materials available and substantial acoustical knowledge. No more than 7-10 such instruments can be produced by one maker in a year.
   If you would like to own such a musical instrument or if you know a talented musician who would need a much better instrument in order to develop, I am looking forward in working on comission for you.
  You can also help me directly in sustaining my work - leaving to posterity fine musical instruments that many future generations will use to perform music of the highest quality and also, a beautiful artistic object to admire.
  For more information about me and my carreer as well as pictures and sound samples of my instruments, please visit www.felixrotaru.com

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