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About Lux Alani

Who am I?
I’m Lux Alani, an internationally published author, lover of shenanigans, and crusader for badassery. I’m an advocate, and my writing calls the reader to rise. I am also a noodle-armed midlife writer learning to … box?! 

Punch Happy: There’s No Crying in Boxing is the vivid, rousing little book you never knew you needed! It reads like 12 rounds of boxing, and celebrates the soulfulness, impossible demands and ennobled force of boxing with a dazzling right hook. It’s my humorous story of midlife athleticism, living authentically, and the siren call of I peel myself up off the concrete ;)

What is my 'ask'?
As if right hooks weren’t hard enough, I want to do a direct-to-fan indie book. Traditional book publishing has merits but is not about owning the process. Enter, the time-honored patron-artist relationship. I will be creating for YOU! I will bring you along on my adventures, inspire, entertain, and connect with you.

What is patronage?
It’s a patron-to-artist connection, and a way that fans can support the art they love. Grass-roots patronage is about being connected to the writer’s vision and supporting their work. Put simply, it allows my fans to contribute to my work, share my journey, and get great rewards in return.

What will you get?
You will get The Goods! Soulful grit, weekly chapters of Punch Happy as I take on boxing, plus pictures and videos, knockout writing, and more. You'll be reminded of your own heroism and the life lessons that come from bringing it. You’ll experience a patron-to-artist inside connection. Check out all the rewards to see what's in store for you! Plus, and I stand behind this, you'll get joyed up, inspired, and possibly…punch happy. BOOM.

Mic drop?
Big ups to you! Thanks in advance for sparing a few dollars a month for entertaining writing that is fueled with passion, purpose, and perspiration. I mean inspiration!
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My goal is to cultivate my relationship with my readers, and create direct-to-fan books alongside my published books. I'm about powerfully reaching others!
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