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I have a confession: I never went to school to study art, so I never learned how to do things, “the right way.” All I know is that I do this thing my way and every time I paint I come closer to figuring out what that means. I can't tell you what kind of brush I use, what kind of techniques I used, or how to find the “deeper meaning” in art. I'm not here to “make a statement” or give any kind of social commentary, I simply create for the beauty of it. I believe that you'll find that my style is warm and approachable, intended to give you the feeling that can step through my art and experience it for yourself.

Though you'll find acrylic paint pouring (and eventually other mediums) here too, my first love is realistic nature paintings. I like to do my realism paintings in a way that is near to hand; encouraging you to reach out and pet and animals' fur, brush a bird's feathers, caress a flower's petals, or feel the spray of the ocean.

My art is created from a place of deep joy and inner calm which radiates from every piece. Give it a deep look and let the vibrant colors and loving detail surround you. Feel the wind, hear the bird song. Let the warm sunlight or the gentle moonlight caress your skin. Step out of your hurry and worry for just a bit and absorb the sheer joy of the simple beauty of the natural world.

Now that you know a little bit about me, I'd like to invite you to join me on my journey of artistic discovery. I need your delight and encouraging comments to help keep me going. I also need your support to fund this creative journey. Whether it's $1 or $100, this whole thing is much easier with your help.

Thank you in advance for any support that you give!

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