is creating nothing atm lol
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Well, look at that. You believe Lydia should get off her butt and do some stuff. Just knowing that is incredibly heart-warming, so Lydia has decided she will finish whichever small project is closest to completion. Just for you! [and whomever else is in this tier with you :P]




per thing she finishes

About lydia-theda

Lydia recently realised that despite the nominal free time that comes with a six-month break from school (a half-year internship deal, or in other words trading in the academic establishment for the soul-sucking 9–5 work week) her creative inspiration up and died. (Or something.)

She feels (hopes) that adding more incentive than just her own easily ignored thoughts will spur some activity. (Maybe. Possibly.) Supporting her means that you, too, believe that Lydia can/should put some effort into tasks not dictated to her by her bosses. Or maybe you just like her art, that's a perfectly valid reason too.

If you do decide to pledge, Lydia is open to opinions regarding the direction she should take her creative pursuits. She is a recalcitrant kitten at heart, though, so suggestions have at least a small chance of being summarily ignored for months on end. You have been warned.

Projects that Lydia has begun or considered vary widely. At the moment they include, but are not limited to:
Rainbow dragon amigurumi
Wolf calligram poem
Watercolour pencil studies on banana paper pads
Illustrating scene(s) from books or fanfictions
Making a game based on her own fanfic
Writing more fic
Finishing a cross-stitch for her grandmother
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First, Lydia will be shocked into laughter because she never expected any support at all. But after she calms down, she'll start planning something nice. What will it be? Who knows. Certainly not her.
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