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My name is Lydia Jane Snow, and I am the author of the Life Inside of A Dream Trilogy. As a writer, I often find myself stuck in my own head, wondering where I can go with my current story and what I can do to make it better. 

What are some things about you?
I am 19, I'm an Aries, I hate most social media (I haven't used Facebook in years), I love the 60's and 70's lifestyle (especially the music), I am a complete goof- 

Why did you make a Patreon? 
Well, I realized that if I am going to create a following, I need to rejoin social media (even though it is really not my style). I figured instead of making a Facebook or a Twitter account I would make a Patreon and Instagram account. This way I can share my works with people who want to read and see what I have to offer. 

Do you just write?
No, I doodle whenever I am having writer block. I have a silly comic that I draw on occasion called Cloud 3, which is about three clouds- Curtis, Clara, and Clifton- who all live in Cloud 9 which is one of ten cities in their state Cloudton. 

Life Inside of A Dream?
Life Inside of A Dream (LIoAD) is the first book of the trilogy, and the first book I have ever written. I started it the summer before my Junior year of high school and finished it in June of 2017. Now that I am on the second book To Wake in A Nightmare (TWiAN) I have also been trying to publish Life Inside of A Dream. 

What do Patrons receive? 
By donating you will not only be helping me edit and publish my first book, but you will also be helping me get through life! To show my appreciation I will give you: access to excerpts of LIoAD and TWiAN, comic strips of Cloud 3, some other weird and not so artistic doodles, and access to short stories I have been working on. 

$0 of $50 per creation
Once I hit $50 I will select 5 lucky Patrons to receive a lightly edited version of Life Inside of A Dream, signed with a small cartoon drawn on the bottom. 
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