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About Lyn

Last year when I was off work, I wrote a short story, "Globe Without Goodbye."

...Jeffrey could see from across the cave, just barely, that the doll with glass eyes balanced on a slab, at about the height of his waist.  He picked his way through the rocks to get a closer look.  About twelve inches long, its body matched the shadowed interior of the cave in color.  Its clear eyes protruded slightly from its flat face.  Its proportions were human, but androgynous.  It wore no clothing.  Most of its joints were articulated, but it had no fingers or toes.  It also had no nose, navel, ears, or genitals.  Its articulated jaw was closed.  It reminded him of the tools visual artists use to help accurately outline human beings.  That type of doll can be positioned, and it did look like this doll had been posed, its calves dangling over its ledge.  Whimsically, he decided to move the doll into a different pose.  He set his damp rock down on the floor of the cave and picked the doll up.

He couldn’t see exactly how its joints linked together, perhaps some sort of wire, but he could tell by the feel of the doll in his hands that it was made from stones. As he gripped it around its upper arms and lifted, the doll’s legs swiveled. The stones clinked against each other, and when Jeffrey shifted his hands to hold the doll on its back, the doll’s arms also swiveled.

As he studied the human abstraction, its jaw clicked open.  A voice issued from the doll, thin and unearthly: “Mind my skeleton!”

It's the story of an ambitious man whose consciousness slips out of our world when he has a near-death experience.  He finds himself in an isolated, magical place called Aum.  What he learns about himself while exploring Aum will haunt him for the rest of his days...  I enjoyed writing the story, but I soon rejoined the world of the wage.  I found that when I was working full-time, I did not have the wherewithal to explore Aum any further. 

Recently, I cut back my hours at work.  I now have a lot more time and energy to write; however, I have a budget shortfall of about $460 per month.  I would love to make up for those lost wages via Patreon.  The dollars you pledge will help me keep the lights on and the car running.  In return, you will have access to the world between worlds.
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