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About Lyria

Hello, guys! Music really can turn the world into a better place. Follow us on this music journey if you believe, as we do, in the power of music in our lives. Together we are stronger. =) 

About us

Lyria is a Brazilian symphonic alternative metal band from Rio de Janeiro founded by the singer and songwriter Aline Happ in 2012.
Mixing different kinds of music styles, Lyria has developed a unique and strong sound highlighted by beautiful vocals and catchy riffs.

Their two albums, Catharsis (2014) and Immersion (2018), were produced through successful crowdfunding campaigns raising more than U$ 8,000 (Catharsis) and more than U$ 13,000 (Immersion), counting with the participation of fans from different parts of the world. Both albums have been receiving many good reviews and have been sold and streamed over 64 countries.

Lyria has been playing in different cities of Brazil, including festivals and openings for international bands. The band was also one of the pioneers in the mode of online concerts transmitted by streaming directly from a studio, selling tickets to fans all over the world.

Lyria has been present in different kinds of media as the Roadie Crew and the Metal Hammer magazines, the PlayTV channel, and the Radio Cidade radio station, besides many online radios, magazines, specialized blogs, etc. In 2016 and 2017, the band received the Most Accessed Heavy Metal Artist Award from Palco MP3.

The band has been considered one of the greatest names of Brazilian symphonic metal and counts on a rising worldwide fan base, mainly in Brazil, United States and Europe.

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