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Access to Patreon Feed & Updates
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Hello!!!! Thank you sooooo much for visiting my Patreon page:)   To tell you a little about Patreon, this is a site dedicated towards helping creators, artists, performers to do what they are  so passionate about through the monthly support of donations from patrons worldwide. We trully appreciate any support you  give, but know you are not locked into giving,  at anytime you can lower or stop your donations towards a patreon cause and we will still luv ya!!! Okay;)
And with so many other great projects we just appreciate you dropping in taking a look, and possibly helping out!

So, who am I, and what am I doing???

So, I am harpist, singer, songwriter and teacher of many years.  Growing up in performing arts schools I didn't realize how great I had it to be fortunate enough to learn various forms of dance, drama, fashion and design, choral and string music!  I would say those schools were my foundation for who I have become and continue to grow into. I 've had great music teachers who instilled in me the importance of giving back to the community whether in performance, or in teaching the next generation, and so I try to do that when and where I can.    Fast forward several years......after high school and during and through college I began teaching harp and I loved it.  What I loved most was there were no limitations on what the harp could do, and what I could teach.  Though it was typically a classical instrument, my teacher taught me I could do pop, hip hop, r&b, rock and more!!!  Those early beginnings I would say really molded me and prompted me to show  others that the harp could be cool. 

You know in schools most kids are trying to play the piano, saxophone, drums, know the traditional instruments..( and  I love those instruments as well)  but,  I wanted to  eliminate the preconceived notion that the harp couldn't do what those instruments were doing.  Though the harp is typically considered to be an instrument for classical music, we use those classical elements as foundation and build on them to crossover to other genres and my students love it!

I have been blessed to have a class set of harps to share this art form with kids from 6 years of age and up around the world. These are the students, who really need a strong music foundation especially with the evaporating arts programs in schools today.   I also wanted to share this with children who unfortunately are in the hospitals, shelters, and other places where they just need a bit of music atleast to brighten their days.  Therefore, in order to meet all these needs, I started my school, "Artz for the Harp"  which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to giving back and providing harps and harp lessons to students who need it most.   

What will your support provide???

Your support will help us to provide to  provide harps and harp lessons to students free of charge once a week in individual and group lessons! We will be bringing a class set of 15 harps, and teaching all those who would like it in community centers, children's hospitals, elementary schools,.... just anywhere little kiddos reside, we will be there:) 

So please help us share the gift of music with our future generations,  and guess what.....each donation you make is tax deductible.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read  my long letter and I appreciate any help you can give!!!

$0 of $400 per month
The health and safety of my students is a top priority, with that being said, I would like to be able to purchase additional harps for our "Angel Harp Program"  at the local hospitals.  Each colorful harp rounds up to about 400.00 which includes harp, tuning key,     I would like to buy a set of 10.  However, I will purchase them in pairs until I get to class set size of 10 to keep down on shipping and handling costs..  Students will work in pairs and small groups to share harps for those who are physically able to,  and students who can not we will provide one on one instruction with them.

This will be a month goal of 400.00 each month until they are all purchased.
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